Easy Ways to Add Charm to Your Home

Easy Ways to Add Charm to Your Home

Add instant appeal and charm with these home decor tips.

You don’t need to spend much to add that extra charm to your home. Here are easy DIY tips that you can do that add character and make your space more functional.

-Add mini accent lights above family photos.

-Make rooms look taller by hanging draperies a little higher.

- You can also make a room look more luxurious by adding more drapery panels. Instead of the usual single panel on each side, hang two.

-Kitchen’s come to life with architectural details like window moldings, cornices, and furniture style accents.

-Area rugs can add warmth to your space and act as air filters, too!

-Antiques and family heirlooms can add that natural and friendly charm to your home.

-A fresh coat of paint on kitchen cabinets can brighten up a dull kitchen.

-A new set of doorknobs adds unique character. Choose from crystal, brass, porcelain, or colored glass doorknobs.

-Stacks of open shelves can transform blank walls and create more storage.

-Window boxes and planters are easy additions that can make your exterior more appealing.

-Gardens come to life by adding outdoor lights. Take your pick between globes, floodlights, tier lights, and lanterns on garden pathways.

-Transform a plain deck or ignored patio by dressing it up with modern patio furniture, outdoor rugs, colorful plants, and plush pillows.

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